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Types of Music

Music is one of the most blissful forms of art that is loved and admired by people from all over the world.It is a combination of notes and sounds to make it soothing or desirable for the ears.Music has a wide variety on the basis of tone, temperament, elements etc.To create pleasant music, various musical instruments are used.Some of the main categories of music are Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Folk, Rock, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Fusion.

  • Jazz music originated in Southern United States as gospel.It is usually identified by its prominent and strong meter. Jazz music employs a degree of improvisations and the pitch is often distorted. It has a wider scope since every new artists extends it. Jazz has many forms such as Chamber jazz, Acid jazz, Continental jazz, Afro Cuban jazz, Cool jazz and many more.
  • Hip hop is a form of music that gained momentum during the 1970s in South Bronx of New York. Rap and hip hop can be interchangeable since in rap the verbal part is only kept excluding the music from hip hop.Its main elements are rapping which means to utter rhymes over a beat, graffiti art and being a DJ.Hip hop has a wide range of rap music that covers rap styles like South African rap, commercial rap, underground rap etc. It became more popular during the 50s by vocalists like Ruth Brown and Ray Charles.
  • Rock and Roll music that originated in 1950s, is mainly dance music.It usually has simple melodies but strong beat which is why it is admired by people.The term rock n roll was invented by a DJ named Alan Freed for his radio program. It evolved from combinations of music like jazz, country music, blues and gospel music.Elvis Presley is considered as the king of Rock and Roll.It reflects the 1950’s rock style.
  • Rock music originated from pop and rock and roll music. During the 1960s, it gained momentum. Often rock and roll is considered same as rock since it is derived from rock music.Drums, bass and guitar are the instruments that are used with a strong vocal melody. A strong back beat is used for creating it. Rock music is always played around the guitars, which makes it inseparable from guitar. The blending of rock with folk music creates folk rock, with blues creates blues rock and with jazz to create jazz rock.
  • Country music has its root in Appalachian Mountains and Southern United States. In 1930s, country music was first developed. It has a combination of elements from a variety of music like gospel, blues, Celtic music, traditional folk music and old time music.
  • Blues music is all about songs of sorrow of the slaves. For many types of music, it has been the base. It is a combination of western and African cultures that originated in the Southern part of America. A person singing blues uses instruments like guitar. W.C. Handy is known as the Father of the blues.
  • Pop music does not follow any specific set of rules and the word pop stands for popular. But then it has influence of rock and rock and roll style in its music. Usually, pop music targets to reach a wide range of audience.A pop song is judged based on its commercial success.
  • In 1940s, Rhythm and Blues was first used by Billboard magazine.It originated in jazz and blues with a persistent and heavy beat.The term rhythm is taken from the 4 beat measures on bars and use of backbeat and the term blues is related to lyrics and melodies filled with sorrow.
  • Folk music is all about traditions. Usually, it is passed from one generation to the next with some modification. In fact, modern popular music that is created on the basis of traditional music can be termed as folk music. Apple contact details UK can help you to get more knowledge regarding this. 

Fusion music is very different from the other music genres. It is a combination of all other genres to form a distinctive new style of music. It includes music like gypsy punk, funk rock and gypsy jazz.One can use two or more type of music to create fusion music. It is considered as an important factor for creation and evolution.